Roll to Roll option


The roll to roll option converts your swissQprint into a roll printer. It reliably unwinds and winds up rolls with up to 180 kg in weight and 360 mm in diameter. An integrated controller monitors and regulates the traction force for a flawless print image.

Whether vinyl, fabric, mesh or other roll material, SwissQprint can handle them all. And that across the full printing width of 2.5 & 3.2 metres for Onxy 3, Impala 3 & Nyala 3. Setting up and changing rolls is easy, and once the job is started the roll to roll printer continues working without supervision.


A well-designed, stable roller system conveys the material across the printing table and winds it up cleanly on the other side. An integrated control system regulates the tension and guarantees a perfect print image every time. It is possible to apply multiple colour layers in one pass and hence all layers are absolutely register-true as a result.

In addition, roll material can be used as a conveyor for oversized rigid sheets of up to 4 metres in length. Roller tables dock on as extensions to the printer for extra length. The control system ensures an accurate and steady feed even when printing heavy panels.