Liquid Crystal
Produce large high resolution objects at a fraction of the cost of other 3D printers.
Build Volume :
470 x 240 x 340mm
 Liquid Crystal Display
LCD specification: 3840 x 2160
Integral to the printer is the unmodified Ultra High Definition LCD panel used to cure the resin. Whilst the XY pixel size of 137 microns give accuracy and fine details, the high brightness and high contrast also contributes to building faithful representation of your 3D models.
 Large Print Plate
The Print Plate is made from aluminium tooling plate to ensure flatness and resistance to corrosion. Perforated, it allows resin to flow and with its roughened finish it ensures a good print adhesion.
Vat System.
The skin of the vat is 100 micron FEP film with a flexible, non-stick surface to ensure a good release of the printed part from the screen. Being thick and durable. It'll last for days of printing and it's two Neoprene gaskets ensure the vat is totally sealed. To guarantee performance consistency, the vat film and gaskets can be replaced as necessary for your hundreds of prints.
 Strong & reliable drive units
There are two maintenance-free drive units featured in the Liquid Crystal Pro. Using 2mm pitch lead-screws and anti-backlash lead-nuts for precise. They deliver repeatable positioning. Combined with the extruded rail profile preventing misalignment, they both provide twice the lifting power.
Pro Hard
Ideal for making large scale objects where you want a very hard object.
Specially formulated for use on the Liquid Crystal Pro. Our Daylight resins provide a full range of end properities from photopolymers highly active in the visible spectrum
Pro Firm
Ideal for making large objects that you want some rigidity but compresses under moderate to high force.
Pro Flexible
Ideal for making objects where you want flexibility.
 Edit, slice & print!
The printer comes with our new software, Photocentric Studio, a complete and comprehensive solution for all users from hobbyists to professionals. Liquid Crystal users now have everything readily available in one user-friendly package; where you can prepare, edit and  slice 3D files, all from just one software.
Fast processing
High Quality
Multiple options
Perpetual license
Daylight polymer printing
82 x 49 x 74 cm
33 x 20 x 29 in
(W) x (D) x (H)
66 Kg (145Lbs)
Power requirements
100-240 V, UK plug
LCD specification
23.8" (3840 x 2160 px)
USB, Display Port
Printer control
Via PC
Resin Fill system
Build Volume
470 x 240 x 340 mm
18.5 x 9.4 x 13.4in
Layer Thickness
50, 100 microns
0.002, 0.004 inches
XY pixel density
137 microns
Cure speed at 100 micron
50-100 sec/layer (depending on resin)
Rachet Socket Wrench
Nut Socket
Allen Key
Paper Filter x 10
Spray Bottle
Nitrite Gloves x 4
Vat Film Pack sub-assembly
Gasket pack sub-assembly
5 kg of Pro Hard Black Resin
2 VAT film replacement
USB Cable
Display Port Cable
AC Cable
Printer Instructions
Photocentric Studio
Minimum Computer Requirements:
Dual Core Processor or above
Windows (Not compatible with Mac or Linux)
2GB Ram memory or above
Spare DisplayPort connection
Note: In order to run at max resolution,
a 4K video card is required.
1 year warranty

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