LED-UV Series

Mutoh VJ-426UF LED-UV Printer
The ValueJet 426UF
A3+ Desktop LED-UV Flatbed printer




The ValueJet 626UF
A2+ Desktop LED-UV Flatbed printer




Mutoh VJ1638UH LED-UV Printer
The ValueJet 1638UR
64" LED-UV Roll-to-roll production printer


The ValueJet 1638UH
Versatile 64" LED-UV Hybrid printer


LED-UV printing is the most environmentally friendly printing in the wide-format marketplace. Containing no VOCs or HAPs, LED-UV prints leave a minimal carbon footprint.

MUTOH LED-UV wide-format printers have been developed for specific applications such as high quality interior decoration, sign & display graphics, one-off designs of products and their prototypes, thermo-deformation applications, outputs on recyclable media, outputs with a luxurious or specialty finish, specialty industrial items, etc. Typically, these printers will deliver high quality output on roll & rigid media or 3D objects.

With the addition of newly launched of the 1.6m width Roll-to-roll and the A2 + flatbed type VJ-626UF, the MUTOH UV printer line expands the versatility of your business.

A wide variety of materials can be printed, such as ABS, alu-board,PVC, PC, PET, PMMA (acrylic), PS, etc.
*Ink adhesion will be vary depending on substrate type and brand. Individual testing is required.

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