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XpertJet 1641SR
• All NEW 64” Wide Printer
- Built For Professional.


Eco Solvent Series

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Built For Professional

XpertJet 1682SR
• All NEW 64” Wide Printer
• High definition 8 colours
- Built For Professional.


The MUTOH’s ValueJet Eco-Solvent printers match MUTOH’s passion for engineering and quality with customers’ desire for ultimate performance and trouble-free production. The MUTOH’s Eco-Solvent printers are available in widths from 630mm (24”) up to 2600mm (102”) that are ideal for roll-to-roll production of indoor and long-term outdoor prints on a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates for a wide variety of applications: posters, banners, backlit signage, decals, wall coverings, point-of-sale displays, fine art, etc...

Through ongoing innovation, MUTOH continues to pioneer new technology and integrate it into our printers. By incorporating Smart Printing Technology into the printers and the printing process, you realize and experience true value for your dollar. This technology is not only smart, but simple to learn and easy to use.

Mutoh ValueJet - VJ628
The ValueJet 628
• A Compact 630mm/24” Wide Desktop Printer for professional results.


Mutoh ValueJet - VJ1324X
The ValueJet 1324X
• A 1371mm/54" Wide roll-to-roll printer. High Quality Printer for durable graphics, offering small size and big possibilities


Mutoh ValueJet - VJ1624X
The ValueJet 1624X
• A 1625mm/ 64” Wide roll-to-roll printer.
High Quality Printer for durable graphics
Mutoh ValueJet - VJ1638X
The ValueJet 1638X
• A 1625mm/ 64” Wide roll-to-roll printer.
High Speed Sign Printer for top quality outputs
Mutoh ValueJet - VJ2638X
The ValueJet 2638X
104 inches wide printer
Dual Head Design !


Think big with the VJ 2638 104” Eco-solvent printer. The 2638 is the perfect printer for outdoor signage including grand opening banners, billboards and building signage. It also incorporating Mutoh’s patented i² Intelligent Interweave print technique which virtually eliminates banding so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your large scaled graphics.

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