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Special features



Process colours

Inkjet printing is as colourful as the world around us. The CMYK that comes as standard with all swissQprint systems is expandable, either when a printer is initially equipped or later when the requirements change. Nine freely configurable colour channels are available.


Light colours

Light cyan, light magenta and light black reproduce natural skin tones, subtle gradients and shading. For fine art productions that live up to their name.



White puts media in the scene. For transparent films where white serves as the base, intermediate or top layer. For coloured and dark substrates where white is used as spot colour.



Effect varnish creates visual impressions. Both when applied selectively – for example in a wallpaper design – or overall, as a surface finish.



Karibu's beam is movable between two defined positions: standard and mesh. With small adjustments, it can also compensate feed errors. Moreover, X-Control facilitates a flatbed-like printing mode for test prints – simply lay the material on the printer, rather than having to load a roll.


Certified energy efficiency

swissQprint LED systems are all proven to be highly energy efficient (ISO 20690:2018). As an owner, you can not only reckon with low operating costs but also look forward to conserving valuable resources.


Economical and environmentally friendly

With swissQprint, you can print with a clear conscience. Zero harmful constituents and ozone, barely any rejects or waste, and modest maintenance requirements keep the environmental footprint small.


Edge restraints

Stainless steel edge holders prevent crashes and interruptions to operation by keeping wavy material edges flat, with both single and dual rolls.


No crushing crashes

Crash Sensor Technology prevents damage and rejects if the material thickness was entered incorrectly or edges of the material are sticking out, for instance. The print head carriage stops if there is a hazard, and later continues at the exact pass position.


Clean cut

The print bed incorporates a cutting channel that provides a defined trimming edge. So, out with the cutter and slice it through. The printed roll is cleanly detached, ready for finishing and delivery. And the rest is ready for the next job.


Profitable LED Technology

LED curing is cool. This means heat-sensitive media can join the portfolio and open up lucrative markets. LED lamps are always ready to go, with neither a warm-up nor a cool-down time. In addition, they are mechanically robust and maintenance-free. LED also pays dividends due to high system availability and low maintenance requirements.


Total Control

The operator can keep an eye on Karibu from anywhere in the printing room, thanks to two status indicators at each end of the print beam. Bar displays light up in various colours to communicate the machine status and printing progress.


Constant print quality

swissQprint large format printers comply with the Fogra PSD. They can integrate with a PSD workflow and deliver constant print quality with faithful colour results.


Safety for people and processes

Should something or someone breach the light curtain surrounding the beam, the print head carriage slows down to warn as well as protect the operator. Meanwhile, printing continues. There is no loss of time or material.


Resume printing after a crash

Despite all precautions, there has been a crash, and that on the final few metres? It's not the end of the world. Via the output software, the operator resumes printing at the exact point where it stopped – and saves the day.


Precise droplet placement

The material and the environment together generate an electrostatic charge. Antistatic units on the machine neutralise it, so that the tiny ink droplets land exactly where they should and produce an impeccable overall image.


Swiss Made

swissQprint is packed with 100 % Swiss development and mechanical engineering. This includes the control technology and the software. Each item is carefully matched to the solid overall system. This explains the printers’ extreme operating precision and exceptional durability.