For intuitive working

Lory output software is the Karibu operator's cockpit. Its streamlined user interface acts as a guide through the printing process and aids productive, efficient and intuitive working.


The output software is intuitive, logical and process oriented. Helpful tools and features make work easier while leaving plenty of freedom. Even settings are possible that would normally require a new RIP run.


Just like Karibu, Lory is a 100 percent swissQprint in-house product. Based on decades of experience, designed and implemented throughout as a state-of-the-art software solution. We worked closely with RIP vendors during development. As a result, Lory integrates with end-to-end workflows and you exploit the full potential of process optimisation.


Graphical user interface

Assemble jobs by drag-and-drop onto a virtual roll. You receive continuous visual feedback to get the most out of your substrates. You also stay flexible: Lory is there to assist should you decide to print a single design multiple times on one roll, or maybe cluster several different designs. And all of this without going back to the RIP.


Material database

Lory includes a database of materials tested by swissQprint, and is readily extensible with ones you keep in stock. Once configured, each material can be retrieved again and again. Lory then sends parameters such as web tension, vacuum and material thickness to the machine controller. This reduces setup time and assures process reliability.



Lory logs the complete job history. The data collected provides information for operational and order-related final costing: ink consumption, number of square metres printed, printing time per job or time period, etc. The economist in Lory thus supports you in optimising added value.