BigRep Presents BigRep Pro HT as an ABS Alternative


World’s first high-temperature filament for 3D printing in an open and unheated build chamber with heat resistance of 115°C

Our innovative, biodegradable material is weather proof thanks to its extreme UV and heat-resistant capabilities and its high strength properties


With 3D printers that have an open and unheated build chamber, such as the BigRep ONE, low printing temperature is the limiting factor when it comes to producing heat-resistant prints.


With the BigRep Pro HT (HT = high temperature), we provided a high-performance filament as an ABS alternative that can easily be used in low-temperature printers.

Watch the Pro HT in Action

Low Warping Effect


The renewable and fully biodegradable raw materials used for the Pro HT demonstrate a very low “warp effect”, meaning the different cooling temperatures of the individual layers have almost no effect on the formation of the printed object.


BigRep PRO HT (black) VS ABS (White)

René Gurka, CEO of BigRep: “We are convinced that the future of large-scale 3D printing lies mainly in material research. We are very proud to introduce the BigRep Pro HT, the world’s first high-performance filament as an ABS alternative, which thanks to its very high heat-resistant capabilities, UV and weather resistance and extremely high strength properties, is especially suited for outdoor applications.

The BigRep Pro HT has been specially designed for high-performance applications critical in technical industries, such as the production of sizable plastic components. Our new filament signals the beginning of a range of further material innovations that we are working on and which we will successively introduce to the market.“


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